PRE-BASEWLORLD 2017: Hermès Cape Cod

PRE-BASEWLORLD 2017: Hermès Cape Cod

Born from the singular vision of Henri d’Origny, who invented it in 1991 by sketching a square inside a rectangle, Cape Cod consistently adapts to the mood of the times, expressing creative abundance through fascinating interpretations of the original design.

The new masculine models are also presented with a distinct infusion of watchmaking expertise, in turn featuring a movement, a case or a dial made in the ateliers of the Maison – and all enhanced by the signature Hermès ne leather craftsmanship.

Colourful touches on the dial

Blue, anthracite or black: the Cape Cod dial appears in new shades that are echoed in an indigo blue, graphite matt or black matt alligator strap. At the heart of these subtle visual orchestrations, time is steadily marked off to the rhythm of a watch mechanism created by Hermès: the Manufacture H1912 movement.

This year, the dials are also attired in lacquer, as Cape Cod sets the stage for subtly graded shades of red and brown, creating re ections that shimmer delicately across the surface.

Leather in magnicent variety

From cutting to the final burnishing, as well as the famous “saddle stitching”, the same meticulous operations are tirelessly repeated in the Hermès workshops. This hand-crafted expertise enables th eMaison to offer unusual approaches: a wristband formed from atraditional strap merged into a cuff strap and made in alligator or Barénia calfskin; or a two-tone smooth calfskin strap combining Malta blue with Hermès red or étoupe.

Encapsulating a vision of time threaded with elegance and originality, Cape Cod continues to distil its singular style, inspired as ever by the anchor-chain link.